Scientific method: Statistical errors : Nature News & Comment

P-hackers united.

researchers need to realize the limits of conventional statistics”

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Livefyre Studio Announcement


“For nearly a decade, Facebook and Twitter have been synonymous with social marketing. But while they’ll continue to collect billions in display ad revenues, they’re just not the most important sites for social marketers anymore.”

The official announcement from our blog. Check out the video here too. It explains what we do, how we do, and from whom best.

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Livefyre Launches Studio, a CMS for User Content

Studio coverage in The Next Web

a major upgrade to its social content platform that pulls together its disparate apps into a single content management system (CMS)”

In this article they show analytics specifically which I product managed end-to-end. The amount of data we just unleashed for our customers in staggering.

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Livefyre Coverage in Tech Crunch

Studio Launch

At this point, I should probably stop calling Livefyre a commenting platform.

Really proud to have been a part of this year-long effort to revamp the platform and be a part of the studio team.

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Editor’s note: Reader comments in the age of social media

Reuters punts on comments is ending user comments on news stories. Much of the well-informed and articulate discussion around news, as well as criticism or praise for stories, has moved to social media and online forums. Those communities offer vibrant conversation and, importantly, are self-policed by participants to keep on the fringes those who would abuse the privilege of commenting.

When we want your opinion we will give it to you.

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10 Charts That Are Changing the Way We Measure Content | The Content Strategist, by Contently

As the publishing industry changes, so does its definition of success.

In March, the “how to measure content” debate came in like a lion. It came out like a lion on steroids.”

The biggest innovation here is the blended metrics from Medium and Upworthy.

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This startup handles one of the most essential functions on the internet and it just raised another $35 million – Quartz


Gigya’s big new round of funding is just another vote of confidence in a future of pervasive surveillance for the purposes of advertising.”

Essential, yes. But not in the way of being indispensable as a technology. There are more sensible certainly cheaper and definitely easier alternatives from home-grown to open source to bundled to none at all. You could have a meaningful web presence without it. So I’m not sure about the use of the word “essential” here.

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Bill Roorbach Has a Best-Seller

One of my professors in college has a best-seller on Amazon and Apple this week.

“… a superbly grown-up love story.” –Kirkus

I learned how to write non-fiction from this guy. So happy he’s getting read. I hope he’s getting paid, too. Good stuff, Bill.

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Nike celebrates LeBron’s homecoming with this absurd ad

I hate this asshole.

Let’s be clear—everything around this charade is a distasteful PR stunt geared to sell James’ new $200-plus Nike LeBron 12 sneaker line.”


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