Imagine what Amazon could do if it could get publishers to place its ads on their web site and connect those ads with their identities and share revenues with those publishers?

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To the untrained eye, all the suggestions we’re inundated with online might seem essentially the same. After all, there’s no big difference between “you might like,” “your friends liked” and “other people who bought this also bought,” right? Actually, there is, and the right approach to making recommendations can make or break a web business.

The trick to doing recommendations right, according to Eventbrite Director of Data Engineering Vipul Sharma (who will be speaking at our Structure:Data event in March), is rooted in both business and data architecture. Companies must know who their audience is, what types of data they can collect and how they can best use that data to discern what consumers really want. Or, to put it more succinctly, companies have to understand data science.

The Amazon microcosm

Amazon is a good example of the approaches a company might take. The e-commerce giant, Sharma explained, used to use…

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